The Final Decision on Static Blog

Pre­vi­ously on My Big, Fat Sta­tic Blog Drama The last bout with decid­ing which sta­tic blog plat­form left me feel­ing unsat­is­fied, but the itch just had to be scratched. I tried out Assem­ble, but for some rea­son, I just couldn’t fig­ure out how the darn thing worked. That’s a shame because they seem to have such good (looking) […]

Orders of Ignorance

The main ideas behind the Orders (or lev­els) of Igno­rance are as fol­lows: There are things you know. (No Igno­rance) Exam­ples: your address, how to use your favorite tool in a given sit­u­a­tion. There are things you don’t know, but at least you are aware that you don’t know them. (1st level of igno­rance) Exam­ples: how […]

Engineering Startups & Software Product Development

The fol­low­ing is an excerpt from Inspired: How to cre­ate prod­ucts your cus­tomers love. The book was rec­om­mended to me by Wade Shearer dur­ing a dis­cus­sion at a Utah IxDA Meetup. I con­sid­ered it par­tic­u­larly use­ful, as it described very accu­rately the his­tory of the cur­rent project I’m work­ing on. I believe the preva­lent model for how start-ups […]

My Tools

In the same spirit of a photographer’s What’s in your bag? snap­shot, I want to share some of the things I have accu­mu­lated in my vir­tual bag thus far, arranged accord­ing to the stage of the design process. Besides being vir­tual, this bag of tricks also dif­fers from a bag of cam­era gear in that […]

Integrating Angular.js and Zurb Foundation

I’ve been work­ing for a cou­ple of months now on Angular.js and Zurb Foun­da­tion. Each great in their own way, but that get­ting them to play nicely has come with just a cou­ple chal­lenges. 1 If you hap­pened to have cho­sen this duo as well, this post is designed to help resolve on some of […]

Chinese Language Learner Survey Results

I recently per­formed a sur­vey of learn­ers of Chi­nese at Brigham Young Uni­ver­sity. 52 stu­dents gra­ciously responded (You know who you are. THANK YOU!). In this post I will report some of my find­ings. Results & Dis­cus­sion Gen­der Field of Study Cur­rent Chi­nese course We have a pretty good dis­tri­b­u­tion of stu­dents, being roughly evenly divided […]

Meta-Interaction Design!

The cur­rent project I’m work­ing on right now des­per­ately needs some user feed­back and val­i­da­tion. I’m think­ing of ways that I could make a dif­fer­ence given the con­straints (with the com­pany being in non-disclosure “stealth-mode” and the grow­ing unease of not hav­ing “work­ing code”). Now as I have had a chance to explore the landscape […]

Static Blog Rethought

So after a whole lot of thrash­ing to try and crank out a sta­tic per­sonal web­site, I had to take a step back and think about what do I want to accom­plish? who are my audi­ence? That helped me real­ize that in cre­at­ing a per­sonal web­site, I actu­ally was going for two things: Blog for the […]

Mother Nature & Humans

If there is some­thing in nature you don’t under­stand, odds are it makes sense in a deeper way that is beyond your under­stand­ing. So there is a logic to nat­ural things that is much supe­rior to our own. Just as there is a dichotomy in law: ‘inno­cent until proven guilty’ as opposed to ‘guilty until […]

My Static Blog

I’m not sure whether I made the right choice by going with a sta­tic blog. The thing is, real­is­ti­cally, I’m prob­a­bly not going to write any­thing that peo­ple will want to read enough to war­rant the per­for­mance boost. So why am I putting myself through the tran­si­tion? I sup­pose that I was will­ing to burn the […]